Between the 10th and 12th of April this spring, about 40 leaders, pastors, missionaries and intercessors came together to pray and build friendships with one another. The purpose of the meeting was not to promote anyone’s individual work or ministry, but simply to encourage and be encouraged by one another.

Many stories were shared about what God is doing in the region and there was a common sense that this is a time in history when God is doing something special in the Balkans. Almost every Balkan nation was represented in the meeting, including missionaries and pastors from Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Romania. We also had a group of Argentineans with us, presenting the vision to send 100 people to 200 countries for 3 weeks in November 2015 and then continue the support of local churches and missionaries for another 7 years.

This is an outtake from the blog of Katrine Drevon, who represented YWAM Serbia:
“Now I’m home again, in Užice. After what have been the best days of my life so far. I’m not sure how to possibly describe what’s been going on in a way that can make people understand… The thankfulness for being allowed to just see something like this happening… For someone as insignificant as me to be part of something so great that God is doing… To hear Kosovar pastors that have lost close relatives in the war, pray for the country that killed them, forgive and bless… To be hugged and through tears be told: This is for Serbia. We love them. We bless them!”