Bosnian flag

Capital city: Sarajevo

Population: 3.79 million (2013)

GDP: $4,662 (2013)

Ethnic groups: 45% Muslim, 36% Serb Orthodox, 15% Roman Catholic, 1% Protestant, and 3% another religion.

Prayer points:

•    BiH suffered terribly during the war in the 1990’s. It is estimated that 250,000 people were killed in the fighting and ethnic cleansing. This has left deep scars – all the more because this took place among communities that had previously lived together and even intermarried. Pray for healing of the emotional wounds and reconciliation between the different ethnic groups.

•    Pray also for the re-start of industry; that factories would be opened so people could find jobs and the country ́s economy could stand up on its own feet again.

•    Pray that God would strengthen the Church in BiH, so that it could build bridges across ethnic divides and carry His healing and love to the nation. Pray that local believers could be channels of hope and peace in a hopeless situation.
•    More than a decade after the civil war ended, the political situation in Bosnia Herzegovina is still complicated and in need of change. Whilst in some areas positive steps have been taken toward unity, the nation remains deeply divided. Pray for those in authority, for wisdom and courage to take the country forward.
•    Young people in particular are pessimistic – many want to leave the country. Pray for a new generation to rise up free from the wounds of the past and able to take the country forward.