Bulgarian flag

Capital city: Sofia

Population: 7,245,677

GDP per capita: $7,519 (2014)

Ethnic groups: Bulgarian 76.9%, Turk 8%, Roma 4.4%, other 0.7% (including Macedonian, Armenian, Tatar, Circassian), other (unknown) 10% (2011 census)

Religions: Eastern Orthodox 59.4%, Muslim (Sunni) 7.4%, Muslim (Shia) 0.4%, other (including Catholic, Protestant, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox, and Judaism) 1.7%, other (unknown) 27.4%, none 3.7% (2011 census)

Source:The World Factbook

Prayer points:

•    Corruption broke a 15 year record in 2014, with around 158,000 corrupt transactions per month (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/bulgaria/11290458/Bulgarian-corruption-at-15-year-high.html).  Please pray that the government will address these issues and that corruption will end.
•    In the past decade Bulgaria has pressed ahead with market reforms and has achieved some economic growth. Nevertheless, incomes and living standards remain very low – it has the lowest wages in the EU. Pray for wisdom for the government in creating jobs, and pray for those in severe poverty, including the Roma, who face poverty rates four times higher than the rest of the population, according to an Amnesty International report in 2012.
•    Pray for unity in the body of believers in each local church and in the larger church body across denominational lines.
•    Pray that God would raise up Christians who would stand for integrity within Bulgarian society, especially in the business sector.