Kosovan flag

Capital city: Pristina

Population:  1.870.981 (2015) est

GDP (PPP) per capita: $7,400 (2012 est.)

Ethnic groups: Albanians 92%, other (Serb, Bosniak, Gorani, Roma, Turk, Ashkali, Egyptian) 8% (2008)

Religion: Muslim 95 % Serbian Orthodox 2% Roman Catholic 3% (2011 census est)

Source: The World Factbook

Prayer points:

•    Kosovo suffers from high unemployment and much poverty. Pray for the government, for wisdom and good policies.
•    Pray that the ongoing dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia would result in lasting peace between these two nations.
•    The inter-ethnic war and violence has left many victims. Pray for healing and restoration of lives, families and communities in Kosovo.
•   According to the CIA there are 17,300 internally displaced persons, most of whom are Serbs displaced during the Kosovo War.  Pray for these people to find adequate housing and peace in their lives.

•    Pray for the Church in Kosovo, that it would grow in numbers and in maturity.
•    Pray for the church leaders and missionaries working in Kosovo, that they would be strengthened and encouraged.