Macedonian flag

Capital city: Skopje

Population: 2,065,769 (2013 est)

GDP per capita: $10,800 (2013 est)

Ethnic groups: Macedonian 65%, Albanians 24%, Turks 4%, Roma 3%, Serbs 2% and 2% other (CIA world Factbook)


Religions: Macedonian Orthodox 64.7%, Muslim 33.3%, other Christian 0.37%, other and unspecified 1.63% (2002 census)

Source: The World Factbook

Prayer points:

•    Ethnic relations in the country between Macedonians and Albanians continue to be fragile.  Pray for peace, for healing and reconciliation within the nation.
•    Although the economy is improving, the country is still very poor and unemployment remains high. Pray for an end to recent political instability, for wisdom and good policies for the government, and for jobs to be created in the country.
•    Pray for greater unity and cooperation within the Church in Macedonia, and that it could bridge the gap between ethnic groups.
•    Pray for the raising up of church leaders within the country.