Montenegrin flag

Capital city: Podgorica

Population: 657,394 (July 2012 est.)

GDP (PPP) per capita: $11,900 (2014 est.)

Ethnic: Montenegrans 45% Serbs 29% Bosniaks 9% Albanians 5% other 12% (2011 Census)

Religion: Orthodox 72%, Islam 19% catholics 3% Atheists 1% other 5% (2011 Census)

Source: The World Factbook

Prayer points:

•    There are still areas of great poverty and many refugees continue to live here in bunkers and makeshift homes. Pray that the government could address this issue with care and consideration to avoid division and mistreatment of the poor and marginalized.
•    Pray also for reconciliation between the different ethnic groups in Montenegro, and that key people from every ethnic group and social status would come to know Jesus.
•    Corruption and organised crime are issues of concern in the nation. Pray for leaders with integrity to be raised up.
•    Pray for spiritual openness, so that the seeds of the Word of God that are sown will find good and fertile soil in the hearts of people. Pray for church planters and workers among the youth to see this generation have a chance to hear about Jesus.
•    Pray for unity and love within and between churches. Pray for the believers in churches to grow, in number and in maturity, and that they would have a hunger to read the Word of God and to pray.