Serbian flag

Capital city: Belgrade

Population: 7,146,759 (2013 est)

Ethnicity: Serbs 83%, Hungarians 3.5%, Roma 2%, Bosniaks 2% other 10% (2011 Census)

Religion: Eastern orthodox 85%, Roman catholic 5%, Islam 3%, Protestant 1%, Other 6% (2011 Census)

Source: The World Factbook

Prayer points:

•    Largely due to the wars in the former Yugoslavia, Serbia has the largest refugee population in Europe.  A large number of refugees and IDPs reside in substandard temporary housing or in illegal settlements lacking basic facilities. Pray for these people and for wisdom for the authorities in improving their situation.
•    The Balkan Wars have left many unresolved issues in their wake; the future of Kosovo is a contentious issue for Serbia, pray for peaceful negotiations over this matter.
•    Pray for the people of Serbia to know the truth about who Jesus is and what He reveals of the love of God, that this revelation would replace any false images that people hold of who Jesus is. Also pray that the body of Christ in Serbia could demonstrate this effectively.
•    Pray for the small but growing churches peppered across the country: for Christ-like love and boldness, Christ-centred unity and continued vision, and that these multi-cultural fellowships would lead the way in reconciliation.
•    Pray for church leaders and missionaries working in Serbia, that God would strengthen and encourage them, and give them the grace to walk in unity, humility and wisdom.