Turkey flagNote: information for Turkey as a whole, not only European Turkey, unless otherwise stated.

Capital city: Ankara

Population: 75,627,384 (2013)

GDP per capita: $10,723 (2013)

Ethnic groups: Turkish 87.5%, Kurdish 9%, Others 3.5%

Religion: 70% Muslim, 9% other, 2% christian, 9% deism, 6% agnosticism, 4% atheism (According to the government, although religion is not asked about in the census)

Source:The World Factbook

Praymap of turkey with thrace highlighteder points:

•    Pray for the continued witness of the Church despite increased hostilities toward believers. Pray for the Turkish police and their important role in preventing attacks and pray for ongoing protection for Christians in Turkey.
•    Pray for a radical change in deep-seated prejudices and biases against Christianity.
•    Pray that the various ethnic and religious groups in Turkey would be united in their efforts for an improved and more peaceful society.